5 PR Trends That Will Help Your Real Estate Company Grow in 2020

Learn the keys trends to help your CRE business grow in 2020.

Learn the keys trends to help your CRE business grow in 2020.

It’s that time of the year again. December is in sight, and with that comes preparation for the new year and new development opportunities.

With the commercial real estate (CRE) industry becoming exceedingly more competitive, a strong public relations campaign can help your firm stay ahead of the competition. Here is the inside scoop into the top tools your firm can use to grow your business heading into 2020.

Prioritize public relations

Companies often benefit from a PR firm’s expertise in media relations, online content and social media, so anytime you see, hear or read about a specific CRE company or development, it’s usually a result of a PR effort. Public relations firms are getting involved with projects at an early stage – long before the ribbon cutting – to develop messaging and help shape public perception, which is especially important in the age of social media.

Create and share videos

According to Small Business Trends, videos generate 12 times the amount of “shares” on social media than text and images do combined – and 80 percent of users can recall a video they viewed within the past 30 days.

If you need more convincing that video is vital to the success of your CRE business, check out these stats:

  • 55 percent of people watch videos online every day (as per Digital Information World).

  • 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others (source: Forbes).

It is crucial for developers and CRE professionals to create and release videos of projects to expand their reach and to remain memorable.

Blog frequently

Blogs will continue to be a crucial asset for CRE companies in 2020. A blog can be used to share commercial real estate market knowledge and expertise from a company’s perspective. Reading like a long-form or feature article, these “thought leadership” pieces can help move the needle in terms of exposure and help position the firm as a leader with a unique, creative solution.

Potential clients are more likely than ever to read a blog post. According to HubSpot, companies with blogs produce 67 percent more leads per month than those without, and 60 percent of consumers feel engaged with a company after reading their blog.

Overall, blogs help build credibility, give a brand a voice and attract new leads. They should be viewed as an essential, multi-purpose tool for today’s CRE firm.

Not sure where to start publishing blog posts? The LinkedIn platform allows users to create and publish content that will live on their page forever. This content ranks high in SEO and typically has a great ROI for the writer.

With strong indexing performance on major search engines, potential clients and even reporters may come across a LinkedIn piece. It could even inform a sale or lend a voice to a major, public-facing feature.

Consider interactive social media campaigns

It is now a common trend for firms to create engagement-focused social media campaigns with target audiences.

By creating a series of interactive social media posts, a firm can target and communicate with its main audience to build a strong online presence. Real estate firms can create such campaigns by featuring high-resolution renderings of the development to increase image-focused posts. A firm could release a series of Instagram stories about the project. Instagram offers a variety of Q&A and survey tools for its stories; utilizing these tools can increase engagement with users. Another popular method to create interactive posts is to highlight project updates or news coverage consistently on social platforms.  

These tactics can create organic buzz around a project over time, and even help build awareness months before the property or site has officially launched. This can help avoid empty grand openings and scarce ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Still not convinced? Here are some quick stats:

  • 90 percent of social media users have already used the platform to communicate with a brand or business (as per DreamGrow).

  • Daily Instagram stories have increased from 150 million per day in 2017, to 500 million per day in 2019, according to  Oberlo.

  • Instagram has noted that one out of three of their most viewed “stories” are from businesses.

Sharing blog posts on social media channels will remain a top trend in 2020. As with any trend, this will evolve and new, buzzworthy features will emerge.

Overall, social media posts housing interactive, informative content give companies the opportunity to connect directly with partners or clients in a highly visible fashion. This will not change.

Enlist influencers to carry your message

Influencers – prominent social media users capable of guiding public perception – will expand beyond the consumer market in 2020. In fact, real estate and development firms have already started utilizing influencers to attract new audiences and retailers to their properties and generate brand awareness.

In many cases, these influencer partnerships have resulted in thousands of hashtags uses, tens of thousands of likes and numerous live-streamed events. These tactics often yield a steep rise in user engagement, thus bolstering the brand.


As 2020 approaches, consider targeted social media campaigns, informative thought leadership articles and other compelling content, including video production, to help spread the word about your development projects.

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