Our Service Offerings

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Every client is unique, even those in the same industries or sectors.

A Violet PR engagement starts with a detailed Q&A around your issues and objectives. Then, we custom-design and implement a communications program using one or more of our three major service offerings — click below to learn about each:



Media Relations

Media exposure brings you closer to your constituencies and can even lead to your designation as an industry expert.

Clients may often be overlooked by media or don’t get covered frequently. Violet PR will uncover your story and facilitate relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers who cover your target markets. Clients become brand spokespeople and find themselves delighted to be featured in the media.

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Every client arrives with news that's begging to be shared — a groundbreaking; a company expansion; a success story. We work with you to develop a strategic narrative that's inspiring and cohesive, whether placed in a press release or used in a media pitch.

Violet PR adds value to the engagement with our skill set to get the language just right and solicit engaging testimonials from client partners. We connect with the appropriate power group covering your target group. We conduct outreach to journalists and follow up to arrange interviews, and, finally, track all of your media coverage for evaluation.


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The more known a firm is for its innovative work or success, then the more likely that firm is to get called for future projects.

Social media

Fueled by social media's explosive growth over the last decade, ordinary people now have the ability to be influencers, trend-setters, and brand ambassadors.

Violet PR embraces the expanded role that social media plays in our clients’ brand messaging and online presence. Our keen understanding of and experience with these platforms translates into increased awareness, influence, and customer engagement.


Social media has become every bit as important as traditional media relations in getting the word out about a company or organization. We use it to get recognition for our clients, improve brand positioning, and to consistently generate a new stream of followers for ongoing communications.

Our work in the space starts with assessing a client’s social media footprint; this flows into a targeted strategy that includes specific channels chosen for their efficacy in delivering relevant messaging to the right demographics. For instance: We utilize LinkedIn for clients who are focused on reaching a B2B audience, but Instagram is more effective for clients with a visual story and who want to target a younger demographic. Twitter is a great way to engage media and thought leaders for big picture topics and real-tip conversations, and Facebook can act as a multi-use toolkit platform for a variety of goals.


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A finely tuned social presence results in increased brand awareness, timely recognition for your work, and a fleshed out digital footprint that potential clients will love to follow.


Content development

We tell compelling stories about people, companies, and places — our clients.

Violet PR works to create content that informs, engages, and inspires. We accomplish this by developing fresh relatable stories that are designed to be shared, and that have staying power. Our content amplifies client PR & social media programs.


Clients often arrive with newsworthy stories that can be complicated, and best understood by industry insiders.

Our task is to break the story down to one that is clear and concise. We help clients make their information both readable and shareable. Once crafted, the story is meaningfully delivered through a variety of content vehicles including press releases, bylined articles, social media content, blog posts, website copy, email newsletters, and more. Our team of former journalists are adept at creating these pieces of content and targeting them to your desired audience.


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Compelling content highlights your successes and purpose, igniting interest in people that can invest in your regions, organizations, or companies.