Allegheny Conference on Community Development

Pittsburgh’s Innovation Press Trip

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Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Conference on Community Development wanted to attract national journalists for a three-day group press trip in October 2018. The goal was to build this former steel town’s reputation as a destination for technology, artificial intelligence and biotech innovation.[/slide-left]



Violet PR recruited six top-tier reporters for the Pittsburgh tour, from outlets including Fast Company, Forbes, VentureBeat, ZDNet / CBS Interactive, POLITICO and MedTech Insight, and counseled on the itinerary, which included stops at Robotics Row, Oculus’ Reality Lab and Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Institute.[/slide-left]


To date, the coverage has resulted in more than


In publications like:

VentureBeat | Politico | ZDNet | MedTech Insights

innovation tour.jpg

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