Idaho Department of Commerce

Select USA Media Relations

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A delegation of more than two dozen leaders from Idaho traveled to Washington D.C. for Select USA conferences from 2015-18.  The group, which included Governor “Butch” Otter in 2018, aimed to attract more international investment to the state.[/slide-left]



Through press events at the Idaho booth and 1:1 interviews, Violet PR garnered favorable coverage in news outlets including Marketplace, Associated Press, FDI Magazine, McClatchy News, Financial Times, Politico, Voice of America and Governing highlighting the state’s assets for international business. [/slide-left]


Violet PR’s aggressive public relations approach resulted in national and international coverage on Marketplace, Associated Press, Politico, Voice of America, Route 50 and Gray TV, which had a total of more than

Japanese reporter, Kenji Shimizu, from Mainichi Newspapers traveled to Idaho to write a feature story on Foreign Direct Investment in the state.


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